Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, who also goes by Kori MacSun McWallace, was taken into custody after allegedly shooting four white people in Fresno, California killing three of them

Kori Ali Muhammad who was known to be conscious warned friends and family about the attacks against black people in America and decided to take action
The shootings occurred over a two-day span beginning on Monday at a Motel 6 where security guard Carl Williams was gunned down outside. The following day, it is alleged that Muhammad randomly fired his weapon at two people standing outside of Catholic Charities, killing them both. He then shot at a passenger in a PG & E truck, killing him, and at another passerby who was unharmed.

Muhammad was on foot when he was arrested, and purportedly yelled “allahu akbar” before police took him into custody. Police found no weapons on him, but he was in possession of a speed loader for a revolver and .357 caliber bullets.